Advanced Pre-K Curriculum

4-5 Years

The advanced Pre-K community will be children from four years of age to five years. They are inquisitive about the surroundings. They will be able to clearly express themselves and create more complex sentences. Research proves early literacy competency as an indicator of literacy and academic success in kindergarten and elementary school. The advanced Pre-K program will be literacy oriented activities. The program will focus on word recognition, word sounds, word spelling, story telling, anticipation of story developments, cursive writing and name recognition of peers. Learning centers are adjusted on a weekly basis to maintain and stimulate the children’s interest and curiosity.


Math/Cognitive Development: A conceptual method will be used to teach numbers, and counting to children from 1 through 100. Analytical thinking, creativity and imaginative expression are encouraged.

Language Development: Children will be encouraged to learn new words and sounds as well as create more complex sentence structures and retell stories. Class room interactions will be held where questions will be asked and detail answer will be supplied for students’ questions. Reading and cursive writing will be encouraged.

Motor Skill Development: Drawing specific shapes, painting, printing letters and stringing objects readies the children for educational task in kindergarten. Vigorous physical activities such as climbing, running, hopping, catch throw balls will be encouraged.

Social/Emotional Development: Children will be encouraged to learn a sense of accomplishment by completing tasks and feeling a sense of responsibility. They will take on some responsibility and cooperate with peers. Independence, self-reliance and empathetic understanding of peers will be encouraged to prepare them for kindergarten school environment.