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Mission Statement

Mathology provides conceptual self-learning method to excel in mathematics at children’s learning pace. It provides guidance to solve numerical and verbal problems in mathematics to do better at school.


Children learn mathematics by solving the math problems step by step at gradual speed instead of being taught. They solve numerical and verbal problems in allocated time which in turn helps them gain problem solving skill with speed and accuracy. We provide a positive encouraging environment for children to learn at their pace.

  • At Mathology, we build a very strong foundation in mathematics.
  • Children record the time taken to solve the given assignment for a week at home.
  • We encourage parents to participate on guiding their children to finish the assignment at home.
  • Parents can correct the assignment and help the child to fix mistakes. We provide an answer sheet to check the assignments.

For more details, please get in touch with our staff today. Dial 512-244-6558 or send a message to

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