1) What is hours of operation?

Ans.: From 6:30AM to 6:15PM Monday to Friday. For Infant the the hour operation is 7:30AM to 6:15PM Monday to Friday.

2) Do you have Montessori Certified Teachers?

Ans.: Yes, we have Montessori Certified Teachers.

3) Do you have extra curriculum programs?

Ans.: Yes, we do such as Gardening (Planting Vegetable and flowers), Spanish Language Teaching, Music (Piano ) and Computer Training. 

4) What age group you take?

Ans: We take children from 6 Weeks to 18M in Infant class, 18M to 3 yrs in Toddler class, 3-6 Yrs in Primary (or PreK) class and 6-12 Years  in After School as well as in Summer Class when summer starts.

5) What is the time for school tour?

Ans: We are open for school tour between 8:15AM to 9:0AM and from 4:00PM to 6:15PM. An appointment is required to take a tour of the school any time other than time mentioned above.