Preschool Curriculum

6 Weeks - 3 Years

The preschool community is children from 6 weeks of age to three years. Some of them have established independent walking. They experience our age appropriate distinguished infant/toddler curriculum and program. Within a nurturing environment, an experienced, qualified teacher fosters the development of language, gross and fine motor skills, social mixing, independence, and cognition. These most profound and fundamental early years of life are protected and enhanced according to their characteristics and needs. Dr. Maria Montessori called this the second embryonic period, a time during which the human personality enters an historical and geographical milieu and is immersed in a particular culture. The child's individual essence differentiates and expresses itself as an emerging social being.


Language Development: Teacher will communicate with toddlers one-on-one basis to assist them in self expressions. Books, rhyming songs and finger plays encourage the use of speech in social settings.

Motor Skill Development: Drawing, painting, gluing, coloring, working puzzles, tracing shapes/letters and building with blocks activities and games will be offered to enhance the next level of physical development. Rhythm games and dancing will be offered. Climbing, jumping and tumbling in carefully monitored play areas will take place.

Math Skill/Cognitive Development: With games such sorting, stacking, counting and matching a toddler's cognitive development will be enhanced. The comprehensive program nurtures this skill with cause-and-effect activities, guessing games and listening games.

Social/Emotional Development: Friendships and independent interactions will be nurtured.      Self-help skills will be encouraged. A nurturing environment that encourages the growth of self-esteem will be present. Emotional development will be supported